Maddie Ziegler poses for Nylon in Pittsburgh home

Winning at life.

It’s been a whirlwind for Maddie since Dance Moms and those Sia videos. This isn’t the first time Maddie has dipped into editorial work. She’s already modelled for Unleash’d and Elle, so Nylon is just the latest trophy for her to display on her shelf.

The photos feature Maddie hanging around her home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in some pretty cool threads. Apart from the black SUV and security guard parked outside, and the innumerable awards that adorn her bedroom, her house seems super normal. Her dog Maliboo even makes an appearance.

Maddie chatted to Nylon about how she goes about her normal life, her relationship with Sia, her acting and Broadway dreams, and her obsession with YouTube videos.

Ugh, we were never this cool when we were 12.


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