Marc Jacobs turns nude Insta incident into new product, announces via Instagram


The always cool and confident Marc Jacobs has quashed any remaining shreds of embarrassment following the inadvertent nude Insta fiasco back in June. 

How could any of us forget the iconic designer’s hint of peen after his run-in with Instagram’s direct message feature?

While the image is still etched in our minds, Marc Jacobs has remarkably turned this more-than-I-needed-to-see incident into a new product. The designer has released a new t-shirt into the Marc Jacobs line, bearing the words “It’s yours to try!” 

For those who don’t know, this was the caption accompanying that now, um, infamous photo from June.

Yup, Marc Jacobs has officially schooled everyone on how to make light of an unideal situation.   

Well played, Marc. 


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