Meet Cargo Crew, the brand making staff uniforms you’ll actually want to wear

For anyone who’s been victim to the visor.

If you’ve ever worked in hospitality, you’ve probably been victim to a heinous uniform at one point or another (anywhere that has visors).

Cargo Crew understands your pain and is doing something about it. The Melbourne-based brand is breathing new life into staff uniforms.

Combining functionality with a self-described ‘fashion design heritage’, Cargo Crew offers original designer pieces, in sizes that will actually fit you – because we’ve all been made to wear a shirt that’s 15 sizes too big.

These uniforms are manufactured ethically and play with fabrics like denim (hallelujah) and premium cotton (goodbye polyester). The range covers pretty much everything, from shirts and pants to aprons, scarves and shoes.

If you run your own business, we seriously suggest taking note. Employees, you should probably print this out and leave it on your boss’ desk.


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