MOGA shares an Australia Day campaign to celebrate multiculturalism

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You might remember MOGA as the brand that made headlines a little while back for giving its scarves to Pauline Hanson. (She sadly returned them).

Now, the label is once again sending all the right messages with its new online campaign for Australia Day.

In direct response to the rise of inflammatory rhetoric against minorities and immigrants, MOGA has created series of inclusive ads surrounding its green and gold scarf.

Four women from different backgrounds, with very different styles, feature in the campaign. Each has styled MOGA’s scarf in a way that embodies their own personal culture and style.

MOGA is using the versatility of this scarf to promote the idea that despite our differences, we all call Australia home.

20 per cent of MOGA’s profits go directly to helping young girls in vulnerable regions attend secondary school.

We’re all for it.


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