Mollini launched its Spring Racing campaign to save your feet on Cup Day

Putting an end to bad shoes everywhere.

There are few sins worse than taking your shoes off during Spring Racing season. However, we understand that you, the racegoers, are not entirely to blame.

The problem is the shoes. More often than not, punters think they can get away with inferior quality shoes. It’s just one day, right? Wrong.

A poorly-crafted heel is felt the moment you step outside your home and into the gates. And you have to put up with it ALL. DAY.

Thankfully, Mollini has released its Spring Racing campaign, to save you from any disasters from the ankles down.

The campaign includes race day favourites like block heels and stilettos, arriving in satins, suedes and jacquard in metallic hues. The styles range from simple strap heels to more extravagant iterations with feathers and florals.

It’s all set against a natural landscape among wild flora, providing an idyllic backdrop for the feminine campaign.

Check it out in the gallery above, or head here to shop it now.

For an added bonus, FJ readers score 10% off. Enter ‘mollini10spring’ at the checkout and you’re good to go. The offer is valid until Monday, October 23. 


Model: Rebecca Harding from The Talent Buro
Make-up: Despina Make Up Artistry
Hair: Steph Myer Hair Stylist

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