Nest of Pambula make very sweet things

Created by three sisters on the south coast of New South Wales, Nest of Pambula makes super sweet jewellery that you’ll happily wear over and over again.

Jewellery label, Nest of Pambula, prove that good things come in super sweet little packages. Created in 2012 by three sisters, these lovers of unique trinkets use each other as inspiration for their designs. And their enjoyment of creating pieces together is clear through their huge collection of pendants, earring, charm earrings, rings and cuff bangles that are all unique and rather adorable. 
Made to be worn again and again, these pieces re endlessly intriguing with each hand-made item featuring a delightfully joyful design with incredibly charming details – pretty much making them irresistable to wear. And, just quietly, we’re pretty sure it will be impossible not to feel happy when wearing one of these designs. 
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