Overheard: All the ridiculousness we may have heard at MBFWA this year

Because there was a lot.

By now we know this is your favourite article of fashion’s week of weeks (don’t deny it), even though we all pretend we’re *really* reading in depth commentary about the local artisanship on the runway. 

So now that you’re here, we can just get rid of the pretence, OK? JUST GIVE US THE SWEET, SWEET GOSS.

Well, here you go my snarky friends – everything hilarious we overheard at MBFWA. Enjoy, and see if you can guess who said what. Because that’s the best bit…

Girl 1: We can talk about the show at drinks.
Girl 2: Oh, I didn’t get invited to that show.
Girl 1: Well I guess you could talk too, but I was more imagining myself talking.
Girl 3: Funny, that’s how I feel most days.

Girl: Harsh Sass and Bide shade pending…

Girl 1: I should stop making grand statements about changing my life during Fashion Week.
Girl 2: It’s emotional.

Girl: Things I have already Googled ahead of Fashion Week: “Which McDonald’s is closest to my hotel.”

Girl 1: I’m very busy don’t talk to me.
Girl 2: Haha yeah same.
Girl 1: No, literally.

Girl 1: Where are you guys staying?
Girl 2: [Hotel name]. It’s so new, it doesn’t even have an Instagram.

Girl 1: I want to write an article about people eating during Fashion Week.
Girl 2: That would be a short article.
Girl 1: Yeah like “there was no one, OK thanks bye.”

Girl: I know an excellent pizza place we can go to. Carbs get the… OK well, they don’t get the boys I just like carbs, OK?

Girl 1: I’m seeing [brand] everywhere at fashion week this year. Is this real, or am I being had??
Girl 2: You’re being had. They paid a bunch of influencers to wear them.
Girl 1: GOD DAMN IT! Nothing is real anymore.

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