PETA has bought a share in Hermès

The Birkin Bag saga just got a little more interesting.

A couple of days ago, it was reported that Jane Birkin (the namesake of the famed Hermès Birkin Bag) had requested that her name be removed and no longer associated with the crocodile-skin accessory.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been in contact with Jane Birkin, regarding some pretty disturbing video footage. It allegedly shows the cruel and illegal manner in which crocodiles were being killed to make said bag.

This is not the first time PETA has worked against the Parisian fashion house, with several previous campaigns involving people dressing up as crocodiles and protesting outside Hermès stores.

In an unexpected turn of events however, PETA has now purchased shares in LVMH, parent company to the brand it has so long protested against. Well one share anyway.

While it is pretty unlikely that its tiny stake in the company will have any real impact, a PETA spokesperson said that it will put pressure on them and “give [PETA] the possibility to attend and ask questions at the [Hermès] annual meeting.”


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