Pinterest has announced its trend predictions for 2017, according to your pins

Here’s what you’ll be wearing come 2017.

The new yea is fast approaching which means fashion predictions are coming. Once again, Pinterest’s Insights team has contributed to the mix, analysing its data to announce the emerging trends for 2017.

Here are the biggest trends for 2017, according to your pins.

Denim everything

The epitome of timeless fashion. Skirts, jackets and higher waists are predicted to stay a huge trend in 2017, as well as custom denim.

According to Pinterest’s data team, details like distressed denim and lighter hues are winning over ‘it’ jeans, that focus on the fit.

You may resume your denim ripping.

Neutral and khaki tones

Have no regrets on that EOFYS Kookai haul, as earth tones are still rising on the trend scale according to Pinterest. Pair your nude bodycon dress with an acid wash denim jacket and you’re good to go.

Backless shoes

Backless shoes are among Pinterest’s larger style predictions for the new year. With the ubiquity of Gucci’s backless loafers, we can hardly say we’re surprised.

’80s style trends

Thank everything that tapered pants aren’t going anywhere, at least, that is, according to Pinterest. So you can absolutely still wear that cigarette cut to your Valentine’s date two years running. High-tops are also a go, which would look Breakfast Club-cute paired with a high-waisted skirt.

Other women’s 2017 style predictions include:

  • Pins, patches and stickers: Coming in as the trend with the largest increase (800 per cent in popularity)
  • Bell-sleeve tops: Replacing the off-shoulder top (300 per cent in popularity)
  • Pyjama dressing: Inspired by sleepwear. Think loose, floral pants and lace silk camis.
  • Backless shoes
  • Political tees
  • Multiple earrings
  • High necklines

As for the men, Pinterest’s 2017 style predictions include health goth and the mountain man look. That is, athletic-leisure wear, big (but groomed) beards, statement socks and khaki.

You can view the full list here.

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