Pinterest releases the top 9 home decor trends according to searches

All the home inspo you need.

Home of all things creative and fun, Pinterest, has just released a list of nine up-and-coming home decor trends you need to be all over.

The list is based on the most popular pins and searches from 175 million Pinterest users.

Considering the website is kind of like the world’s digital mood board, we figure it’s an authority on the matter.

The best part is the trends are mostly rental-friendly and cost effective, so everyone gets to join in on the fun.

Here are the top nine looks to put into action around your home.

1. Removable Wallpaper

For the person who can’t make up their mind, removable wallpaper is your answer to decorating. Love it one week and hate it the next? Fine! No commitments, no problems.

2. No-Closet Closets

This one’s perfect because if you’ve ever rented, you’ll know the struggle of having no wardrobe space. DIY ladder robes and clothing racks are up 50 per cent in Pinterest searches.

3. Shower Plants

Not only does a pop of greenery look great in your bathroom, all that steam also makes it the perfect spot for your plant to thrive.

4. Vertical Bar Carts

Finally, you can be practical and drink at the same time. Vertical bar carts obvs save on space for those with tiny kitchens and living rooms, which is probably why searches are up 303 per cent.

5. Stylish Knobs and Legs

DIY handles and legs are super easy ways to make budget furniture look expensive and brand new.

6. Round Mirrors

A step away from the traditional, rectangle mirrors are out while round is in.

7. Terracotta

Minimal trends like marble and white are starting to take a back seat as people are favouring warmer, homier tones like terracotta. 

8. Accessories as Décor

Bet you thought hats were only for heads, right?! Turns out Pinterest users have shown us they make very stylish wall hangings, too.

9. Stylish Storage

Suitcases and luggage are to be used year ‘round from now on. They make perfect coffee tables and storage units for off-season clothing.


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