Princess Polly has launched a virtual changeroom, so you can try before you buy

This is weirding us out a little.

Online shopping can be a real hit-and-miss process. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting 10 days for a new purchase to arrive, then having it look terrible once it’s on.

Who’s got the time to organise a return? Who even owns stamps these days?

Princess Polly has come up with a solution, kind of.

The retailer is the first in Australia to launch a virtual changeroom. Using VR technology, you can choose an avatar, input your height, bra size, weight, hip and waist measurements, then pick clothing from the Princess Polly website. 

The site then customises the avatar using that data, which can try on the real Princess Polly offering. 

While it’s a little weird, there are definite benefits. Firstly the service will recommend which size you should buy in each piece. You have limited options for the look of your avatar, however, you can swap from hair up to hair down and have shoes on or off.

We’ve had a little play and it’s really addictive. It’s kind of like the Build-a-Sim, but you only get to play with the clothes.

We’re just not totally convinced about how well it showcases the fit of a garment, as a lot of detail seems to be lost in the animated version of the clothing. 

Regardless, it’s a pretty damn fun way to shop.

You can give the VR changeroom a go here.


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