Puma just dipped its Suede Platform in glitter

Glitter everything.

If you thought glitter-covered shoes were going anywhere, you were wrong.

It seems like Puma has taken a leaf out of adidas’ book, delivering its sneaker of the moment – the Suede Platform – with a glitter-dipped toecap.

Admittedly, the Crushed Jewel pack is possibly one of the nicest glittered shoes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s available in two colourways. The ‘Marshmallow’ iteration comes complete with rainbow glitter on the toe, a white midsole and gold Puma branding. The black option is a little more subtle, being entirely monochrome bar some white Puma branding. 

The Crushed Jewel pack is set for release on September 1 at Puma, and fingers crossed it lands on our shores.


[Via Hypebae]

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