RE/DUN is an online store for vintage jeans

RE/DUN handpick jeans from vintage rag houses across America and rework them to make jeans that are as individual as you.

Our favoutite blue trousers are as individual as we are. RE/DUN is an online vintage denim boutique built on the notion that denim has been the canvas for  blue collar toilers, free spirits, road trippers and troublemakers and modern denim should never be devoid of this personality. 

Each pair of RE/DUN jeans have been handpicked from vintage rag houses across America, admired for its one-of-a-kind wear pattern, its artfully faded denim, and the history learned from its label. Mercilessly taken apart at the seams then transported to the RE/DUN warehouse, each pair have been resown into one of two timeless shapes: one body-skimming slim fit and one perfectly slouchy. Each pair of jeans is distinctly one of a kind and have both vintage character and modern fit. They’re a denim dream. 


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