Ringly the magic ring

It’s not a ring, it’s a Ringly

Don’t you just hate those people who become millionaires by filling a niche? The guy who invented the pooper-scooper or the ever-necessary lollipop stick? Well here’s another one to add to your list.  The inventive minds behind Ringly have created smart jewellery and accessories that can effortlessly connect to the thing you love most…your phone.

Focusing on the belief that technology can be and should be more discretely integrated into our lives, Ringly places convenience and style first. The collection of beautiful gemstone rings allows the wearer to never have to worry about missing an important message on their phone hidden at the bottom of god-knows-where. Connecting to your phone through a microchip, the ring is set to a custom colour and vibration for different types of notifications…what more could you possibly need?

Niche filled? Now what are you going to think of?


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