Runway reviews by a six year old: MBFWA

The responses? Solid gold.

Anyone who’s ever written a runway review knows they can be hard work. But not for these little tykes.

When we asked the Year Ones and Twos at a local primary school to review some of our favourite looks from MBFWA they didn’t bat an eyelid. Instead they wrote some of the best reviews we’ve read in a long time.

1. Romance Was Born
“She lookes like a human tree… if I was a bird I would like to sit on her.”

2. Romance Was Born
“The blue hat dose not match with the outfit. The legings do not match each other. The higheels go great with the legings but the braslets are to plane they breack the rainbow patten. The neck lays is to big and cufers to much.” 

3. Romance Was Born
“She looks simelare to snow white and she has brown eyes”

4. Maticevski
“Gold reflective dress with shine and shimmer. Yellow and gold shining dress.”

5. Ellery
“I don’t like the cloths at all but my phartner likes it.”

6. Innovators
“Red sparkly gems hanging down the bottom. Silky navy blue top with pink and white headphones. White shimuring circules ontop of the red sparkley gems. Beuatiful brown eyes.”

7. Phoenix Keating
“Lovely blue shimuring dress. the dress looks like Water reflected.”

8. Dyspnea
“I like the white fluthy fabric and a starkily sillver skieret and Long brown hair and red eye brouws and pink nail pollish with pale skin”

9. Dyspnea

“The pink pants down under look like little dresses.”

10. By Johnny
“Fashion fashion silver sparkling pants. dark black dress. white string thongs. purple sparkling toe nails. gap’s between circles. reflective circles sparkling. the end!”

11. Innovators
“The womens clothes are wide.” 

“He has sinny boots
He has shiny gold patterns 
He has gold jupmer.”

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