Science says binge watching Law & Order is good for you

Another win for science.

Making news today is the amazing study that proves watching Law and Order SVU and other crime TV shows is actually good for you.

How you ask? Well, the folks at Washington State University have pitted the Law and Order, NCIS and CSI franchises against each other to see the individual impact that each had on one’s attitude towards sexual assault.

Of the 313 students that took the survey, it was concluded that Law and Order SVU was the show that promoted the healthiest ideas surrounding the subject of sexual assault. The questions revolved around how often they watched each of these franchises and how much attention they paid it. This data was then collated to form a conclusion around our ideas of “victim shaming” and various rape myths that unfortunately can exist in today’s society.

We’d like to thank our all-time hero Olivia Benson for investigating these vicious felonies, and being a member of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. 

[Via Complex]

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