Sneakerboy’s new flagship store features a sneaker exchange

Taking the game to the next level.

Australian retailer Sneakerboy has recently opened its new flagship store at Chadstone Shopping Centre and people are going crazy. We’re talking 15,000 visitors per week since its launch.

Located on luxury row (the strip where you’ll find Tiffany and Chanel) the new sneaker store houses some of the most exclusive footwear from around the globe. Think Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and more. Not to mention the fanciest of the fancy from Nike and adidas.

Sneakerboy is also changing the game when it comes to customers buying and selling among themselves.

Tapping into a trend of sneaker trade on forums, social media and at swap meets, Sneakerboy’s new store has dedicated ‘sneaker exchange’ area. This is where customers can display, buy and sell sneakers from each other, with Sneakerboy acting as a quality and integrity moderator.

It’s almost like an exclusive garage sale for footwear.


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