Some legends have invented yarn made entirely from upcycled denim

Hitting the ethical jackpot.

First there was leather made from pineapple leaves. Now, the geniuses at London-based label, Wool and the Gang, have dropped a line of yarn made from upcycled denim.

The yarn is derived from pre-consumer denim-mill scraps, aka all the bits that get thrown away in the process of making your fave jeans.

The scraps are then ground down into fibre and then woven into yarn. The process requires no chemicals or dyes, and minimal water is used (its said to save 20,000L per kilo of material). In other words, this fabric basically hits the ethical jackpot.

Named Billie Jean, the collection is made up of DIY pieces (e.g. you can knit your own sweater) in a choice of textures. The ‘raw’ yarn is made from 100 per cent upcycled denim, while the ‘dirty’ blend combines the upcycled denim with cotton.

It’s dirt cheap too, with the DIY pieces starting at $25 US. The first Billie Jean collection has already sold out (in like, a week), with the next drop set for July. That gives us just enough time to learn how to knit.


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