Someone invented the Clueless closet

A company in the U.K have recreated Cher’s electronic closet.

Yes, really! One of the many reasons that 1995’s Clueless is one of the best fashion inspo films of all time, was Cher’s amazing computerised wardrobe which allowed her to select her outfit on a digital version of herself. Who’s got the time to actually try stuff on, anyway?

London-based technology company Metail have developed a smart closet that helps you pick an outfit. All you need to do is enter your height, weight and bra size and a little digital model of yourself will do the hard work for you. Apparently it also allows you to share the looks on social media, but really, it doesn’t seem like Cher’s closet if the mechanised wardrobe doesn’t then deliever the outfit into your hands. Back to the drawing board, Metail. 



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