Spotlight on: Hoj Apparel

Functional and beautiful leather goods.

Riding your bike to work while trying to balance a handbag on your shoulder isn’t the most practical choice. And while a backpack seems like an easy fix, it can start to mess with your #ootd.

Hoj Apparel was first founded to solve this problem – creating handbags for cyclists which are both functional and stylish (thanks to their distinctive Scandi feel).

Today, the independent Melbourne label’s collection spans practical pieces for every person – backpacks, iPad cases and handbags (the new range has wooden handles).

Swedish designer, Lisa Edlund Tjernberg, draws on her background in industrial design. As a result, each hand-cut and stitched piece is versatile and made to last the distance. And, while the label celebrates the organic imperfections of nature, the products are far from imperfect. 

With each piece made to order, it’s a little bit of luxury for your every day. 


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