Spotlight on: Mileneal

Made for millennials.

Mileneal Watches understands the struggles of saving up.

For most of us, saving money is twice as hard thanks to the availability of UberEats, expensive gym memberships and all those smashed avo breakfasts we’re constantly having.

This means we’re continuously faced with the dilemma of choosing between quality and affordability when we shop. But not this time.

Mileneal is offering the youth of today a range of affordable, high-quality watches. Combining comfort, style and versatility, each design features a slim, stainless steel casing that’s low in carbon emission content and corrosion-resistant.

The watch face is protected by sapphire-coated glass for scratch resistance and includes a Japanese Quartz movement at the heart of the timepiece.

Head to Kickstarter to get first dibs on the first release. Your wallet will thank you.


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