Sustainably Sourced: 10 sustainable businesses we love

For when you’re keen to go green.

Today there are a heap of Australian labels that are commited to being green and maintaining ethical practices. 

We want to make it super easy for you to lead a sustainable lifestyle, so we’ve gathered our favourite stylish brands, who also happen to be all green.

Bashful Garter
It’s not just labels that are having an impact on sustainable fashion. Online fashion boutique, Bashful Garter, is also taking a stand. The e-store was born from an ongoing love affair with textiles and a need to protect and celebrate local and ethical designs. Each label is carefully selected by owner Teresa Redrup to ensure the designers – and the hands that make each piece – are respected. It’s about reducing any negative impact that fashion manufacturing can have on our environment and community. Combining sustainability and the brands we love (read: Celeste Tesoriero, Romance Was Born, B Goods Label and more), it’s time to check in.

Wax Muse Candles
In Greek mythology, the Muses were the nine daughters of Zeus that each controlled a different art or science. Fast forward a few centuries and you have Wax Muse candles. Each candle is made using 100% natural soy wax and designed to inspire. The brand was founded in 2014 by Melburnians Chris and Christian, who  share a passion for home décor, art and interior design. There are five Muses to choose from and each provides a different scent and adds a unique mood to any space. Burn your Wax Muse Candle guilt free knowing it is made from no nasties and gets Mother Nature’s tick of approval. 

#sleepwithettitude. It will change the way your sleep forever. Ettitude is the first in Australia to bring luxury to sustainable bedding by using 100 per cent organic bamboo lyocell fabric, rivalling 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton. The fabrics are ethically sourced from FSC-certified bamboo forests and manufactured with a close-looped system. Pretty neat. Not only is it good for your conscience but your skin and hair will also thank you for the silky smooth, hypoallergenic fabric and non-toxic dyes. They sell directly from the manufacturer to ditch the luxury price tag and they’ll even give you a 100-night trial.

Ethically-driven label Patagonia are introducing a new denim collection that will continue to uphold their philosophy on sustainable fashion. The focus is on designing beautiful products that embody the qualities of durability, strength, versatility and simplicity. Opposing fast fashion, Patagonia emulates sustainable practices with its denim collection, using 100 per cent organic cotton grown without synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. So basically, no nasties. The brand’s dyeing process enables reduced water, energy and chemical use, aiming to maximise its contribution to sustainable fashion and minimise the environmental costs associated with the industry.Reflecting the philosophy that business can be one with the natural world, the denim collection will be available in stores from September 15.

Good On You
It’s hard to be aware of ethical fashion labels when the big boys clutter the scene. Things like the environment, labour rights and animal protection are things we consider but struggle to actually find in the brands we wear. Good On You is a genius little app that brings those elements together. They’ve rated more than 1000 clothing and cosmetics companies so you can find a brand that suits your personal style and ethical standards. Good On You helps You find nearby stockists and the best online shops, and you can leave feedback for companies. Time to make a difference.

Nanna Woo Handmade
When your jewellery looks like a work of art, you know you’ve made it. Nanna Woo is the fully sustainable and earth-friendly business of Hanna Woolley. Made in her Tasmanian home, she employs sustainable practices in all her production, from the thoughtful collection of local flora to recycling all used equipment. She’s the first in Australia to use Entropy bio-resin throughout her jewellery and homewares applications. Hanna also creates polymer clay earrings by casting her own moulds, and uses recycled sterling silver in a bespoke precious metal range. Putting it all together, it means that each Nanna Woo piece not only cares for the environment, but is also one of a kind.

Lauren & Angie
Lauren & Angie are here to prove that fashion can have a friendly impact on the environment. Hand-producing goods with love in Geelong, the label is all about using eco-friendly fabrics and dead stock (fabric no longer needed by other companies) to produce cozy basics and wearable goodies. Nothing goes to waste in this production line, with owner and designer Lauren ensuring all fabric scraps are saved to produce jewellery and bags. Travelling from market to market around Victoria, and with plans to go interstate, this little eco-friendly brand has big dreams and a bright future to come.

Harlequin Belle
Harlequin Belle is an Australian label you want to know. Devoted to taking a sustainable and ethical approach to high-end fashion and accessories, each piece is a unique offering of timeless versatility that you won’t find anywhere else. Harlequin Belle merges style and functionality, working soft leathers and natural tones to create shoes, wallets, handbags and jewellery pieces. The brand takes pride in the lasting quality of its raw materials and superior craftsmanship, aiming to create ‘forever fashion’ pieces that will take you from season to season. Visit their website for stockists and to shop online.

An acronym for ‘All Light, All Shadow’, ALAS is an organic sleepwear label that you are going to love. The label prides itself on its colourful prints and soft cotton fabric, and endeavors to create socially and economically responsible garments. The aim is to benefit both the planet and everyone involved in the supply chain.  All the garments are made in India where ALAS maintains high-quality organic textile standards, meaning the materials have been resourced without dangerous chemicals or pesticides. Consumers can have peace of mind knowing the brand respects the planet, while retaining integrity in fair labour and sweatshop free factories. You’ll sleep extra cozy knowing the vibrant prints and dyes on your pajamas were ethically produced with love by ALAS.

Thread Harvest
Thread Harvest is devoted to style, sustainability and social impact. The online boutique curates a selection of designers that create unique jewellery, footwear, apparel and accessories for men and women who care about the story behind the aesthetic. Dedicated to empowering women, employing the marginalised, supporting innovative projects and staying eco-friendly, Thread Harvest blends contemporary fashion and a world of creativity with their mission to use fashion for good. They’re educating consumers and encouraging players in the fashion industry supply chain to trade ethically. Beautiful. 


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