The FJ Guide to: Health Goth

A beginner’s guide to Health Goth for those who need to catch up.

So, what is it?

Ok, so before we get all judgy, Health Goth isn’t just another fad. Originating from a Facebook blog created by Portland musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott, its dark and moody vibe has been highjacked by the fashion biz, and transformed it into a cult fashion movement.

“It’s a combination of things we’re interested in like sportswear, fetishisation of clothing and cleanliness, body enhancement technology, rendered environments, and dystopian advertisements,” says Grabarek and Scott. “We want to create art that references evolution and how it all feeds into this ideal of ‘pursuing perfection’.” 

What designers should I check out?

Since its emergence in 2013, the #healthgoth hashtag flooded the fashion forums and ultimately spawned collections from designers including Moschino, Alexander Wang x H&M, Nike, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Nasir Mazhar, Kanye x Adidas and Mary Katrantzou x Adidas. 

Who should I be Pinteresting for my Health Goth inspo? 

Unsurprisingly, many celebs have been quick to adopt the Health Goth status. Kylie Jenner, Jessie J, Vanessa Hudgens, Lorde, Agyness Dayn, and Mary-Kate Olsen are among our favorite Health Goth heroines. 

How can I incorporate Health Goth into my weekly rotation? 

Long-line sports jerseys, mesh inserts, platform sneakers, wet-look fabrics and chunky, Perspex accessories will all help create the punky, sci-fi feel. Black is the centre of the colour palette, but silver and white accents can be added to complete the streamlined, space-age ensemble. 

Think big, black, contradictory mash-up of fitness and gothic-punk; a strange and dark combination of street wear, clothing fetish videos, industrial sounds, high technology and mainstream sport. We also advise you check the official Health Goth work out how-to. Coming soon to spook a gym near you. 

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