The Hot Felon is out of prison, still super hot, possibly modelling

In what’s making super important news today.

You remember Jeremy Meeks right? The guy whose mugshot went viral for the sole reason that he is really, very hot?

Well he’s outta prison and still hot.

He also may be starting a legitimate modelling career.

In his first Instagram post in 13 weeks, Jeremy posted what appears to be a professional headshot, stirring speculation about a future career as a model.

Although the shot itself doesn’t give too much away, adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the shot has also been shared to White Cross Management’s Instagram account.

According to its Instagram bio, White Cross Management is: “an international full service management company Dedicated to managing ACTORS, MUSICIANS, MODELS & OTHER CREATIVES.”

Poor grammar aside, it leaves the question open: in what capacity is White Cross representing Meeks? 

Because this is obviously important news, we dug deeper. Next stop was the White Cross Management website.

While there’s no mention of Meeks as an actual model on the website, the ‘Talent’ tab features – get this – Meeks’ actual mugshot alongside the legitimate headshots of fellow models. Proof is here.

This could maybe be a joke but we’re about 99% sure it absolutely is not. 

In other news, it’s also nice to see Meeks has earned himself over 264k followers and felt it necessary to change his handle to @jeremymeeksofficial

What the Insta-activity means for Meeks’ future is unclear. In the meantime, we’re just happy to have more Meeks pics in our lives. 

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