This label is turning streetwear favourites into adorable baby clothes

It’s all fun and games until a lawsuit comes knocking.

Let’s face it. Little North West has become a 21st century fashion icon.

So it was only a matter of time before the fash industry realised children were its greatest untapped market.

The brains behind L.G.|G.S. (Little Giants Giants Shorties) quickly cottoned on. The label is recreating classic pieces from brands such as Supreme and Palace. It’s streetwear with a little less edge.

They’ve replaced Supreme with Supreemie and the Palace logo has been transformed into a playpen.

It all began when Ivan, founder of L.G.|G.S., began making the pieces for his son. And it caught on pretty quickly.

Ivan promises they’re not trying to rip off the original brands and they’re only trying to infuse childlike humour into their designs. Specifically in a way that young parents today will understand.


[Images via Complex]

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