This new app is bringing online shopping to brick-and-mortar retail

You’ll want to be across this one.

If you’re a retailer, one of the biggest challenges you face every day is finding new ways to connect with consumers. 

The struggle is real.

Thankfully we have the internet. As a retailer, the internet means e-commerce. And e-commerce means access to valuable insights about your customers. 

You come to understand things like their favourite cuts, colours and their overall style. These insights allow for extremely productive changes in your business, in response to consumer behaviours, interests, likes, and dislikes. 

However, for those whose customer base exists primarily in the brick and mortar space, these insights have been tricky to grab. Until now.

Retailers, meet Brauz.

Brauz is a tech startup that integrates the digital experience (like online shopping) with the physical shopping space (like your store). Using digital innovation as the catalyst, the app makes it easier for customers to find and buy the products they like – products that are hopefully stocked by you.  

It started when founder Lee Hardham was at News Corp Australia, working closely with some of Australia’s leading retailers. He saw the challenges they (you) were facing in an increasingly digital world and realised the global retail market was a long way behind in the digital space.

“Retailers have always understood the value of building relationships and connecting effectively with customers. But, I saw that they were unsure of how to use digital tools to improve what they do.”

So he created Brauz.

Brauz works by shaping itself around each individual shopper. It takes into consideration that shopper’s interests, likes, behaviours and life stages, creating a detailed picture of the person, along with their location. This, in turn, enables retailers to target them through personalised messages. 

Take Sally, for example. Sally is a fictional person who may or may not represent me. Sally loves designer clothing, but with limited income and an expensive coffee habit, she tends to shop only at sales. 

Through Brauz, retailers can engage Sally with messages catering specifically to her interests, such as: 

“Hey Sally, how about you pop in for a cheeky 20% off storewide? We’ve just received a new drop of Christopher Esber.”

Make sense?

Not only this, the app also gives you priceless insights at your fingertips. It allows you to see how many people are in store, how long it takes them to make a purchase and most importantly, how many are actually spending money. 

Probably a lot, if they’re anything like me.

You can also use Brauz to notify customers of loyalty programs and rewards at checkout, to keep ’em coming back.

The app is not yet available for users, but watch this space. You’ll want to be across this one. 


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