Topshop is now selling clear, plastic jeans because of course

Umm… what are those?

Topshop has apparently taken the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes way too seriously. It’s released polyurethane women’s jeans that are 100% see-through.

Plastic see-through jeans, what could go wrong?

Topshop describes the jeans on its website as being “ideal as statement piece for a festival or costume party.”

We guess?

The new OTT jeans sell for $100 which has had twitter in a bit of a frenzy.

Earlier this season, customers dissed the brand’s ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans’, which feature similar clear panels over the knees. Fitting, then, that the retailer would take it a step further.

Have we stumbled upon a new fashion era or has Topshop simply gone mad?


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