Tuchuzy and Superga have collaborated to create the white sneaker of your dreams

I Tuchuz you.

If you follow anyone cool on social media, you’re probably aware of Tuchuzy. You know? The store in Bondi Beach that stocks an apparently very instagrammable range of designer clothing?.

Well, to add to their increasing repertoire of cool, the retailer is collaborating with Italian shoe brand, Superga, on a white leather platform shoe.

Arriving just in time for autumn, the sneaker packs versatility and functionality in a chunky, elevated style.

Head womenswear buyer of Tuchuzy, Amy Nelson, said in a statement:

“The collaboration was an idea we develop [sic] from having an amazing sell through and the brand’s over-performance in a similar style. The platform canvas sneaker is one of the best-performing styles in the business, and leather makes it slightly more durable and adds a little bit of luxury.”

The shoe is available exclusively at Tuchuzy from May 17, retailing for $180.

So to answer Outkast’s age old question: “What’s cooler than being cool?”

It’s this Tuchuzy shoe.

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