VAMMF Diary: Premium Runway 3

The one where I tried (and failed) to look effortlessly cool.

And here we are again. VAMFF day two and although the sun has gone down, it is still a sweaty 30C.

That didn’t bode well for trying to get blogger-worthy make-up done in the car after work. I had also decided to wear Converse in an effort to embrace the ‘I don’t care about dressing up and now I look effortlessly cool’ look. Unfortunately they were new and gave me blisters, so I ended up limping, totally ruining the ‘cool’ facade I thought I had going.

Inside, everyone broke the cardinal rule of not opening the gift bags, in order to grab a pamphlet (thanks Chadstone) to use as a makeshift fan. 

One girl took it a little further and actually opened the Priceline box and started rummaging through her gifts.

After an announcement confirming that, yes, it was ridiculously hot in the non-air conditioned building, it was time for the runway to begin.


Yaya Deng kicked things off in an oriental-style v-neck crop with matching throw and mermaid-style skirt. Plus a gold crown (because she is queen). The classic Camilla aesthetic was given a clear Spanish twist, with red and black prints and gold trims that was all very flamenco-esque.


We might be heading into the A/W season but Akira proved he is very much still feeling the heat. Models showcased loose-fitting silks in subtle patterns dominated by deep pinks, reds and yellows.

Megan Park

Megan Park’s collection felt sweetly innocent, reflecting classic beauty. Long sleeves, flowing dresses and embroidered florals were signatures.

By Johnny

By Johnny has stuck to that age old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. His Autumn collection was reflective of everything the designer is known for. Black and white blocking was prominent, while the use of bold colour was significantly upped.

Rachel Gilbert 

Rachel gifted us with huge bows and fitted dresses in an interesting mix of powder blue, white, khaki and black. Highlight: the sequinned powder blue top. Lowlight: the nude plunge gown with black sequinned lines stretching from the middle out.

Aurelio Costarella

Five models, dressed in black, took to the runway together. Aurelio wanted to grab our attention. The lightweight, feather-heavy collection saw a focus on flared skirts and sleeves, cropped fluffy jackets and a little sequin. Aurelio was the clear standout of Premium Runway 3.


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