VERNER drops AW15 ‘Home Wrecker’

Verner brings it home for AW15.

Inspired by architect Robin Boyd’s critical observation of suburbia, Melbourne based label Verner has released its AW14 collection Home Wrecker.

In dark monotones of charcoal, black, and deep burgundy, Verner reflects a notion of Boyd’s that “the Australin ugliess begins with fear of reality, denial of the need for the everyday environment to reflect the heart of the human problem.”

Looking at the body as a home, each piece is designed around the ergonomics of how we interact between the interior and exterior world – private and public, work and play, inside and outside.

Using traditional fabrics and prints, textures of warped tartan, old school pinstripe, chunky knitwear, and soft corduroy embody the aesthetics of each piece. Home Wrecker draws on aspects of the home (blankets, rugs, cushions) to create the shape, style, and most importantly, comfort of the collection.

Never want to leave the couch? Now you can bring it with you.




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