Vetements has released a weed grinder necklace because what even is fashion


HighSnobiety dubbed it the “ultimate accessory of the season,” while Hypebeast described it as “functional and eye-catching.”

They’re talking about the Vetements weed grinder necklace. 

Boy were we wrong, thinking dainty rings were the go. 

The Italian-made pendant necklace comes in gold or silver-toned brass plates, with diamond stud grinder inside. It even has a “safety clasp” to store your stash. 

Vetements is no stranger to a little shock value, with its most recent show held in a Parisian cathedral, featuring a shirt that reads “YOU FUCK’N ASSHOLE”.

Check it out for lols. It’s going for $750 USD here and here

I can see Jeffree Star all over this one. 


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