Vivienne Westwood’s latest collection is an attack on politicians

Vivienne Westwood wants to tell you something.

Vivienne Westwood doesn’t like the politicians. At all.

How do we know? Well for starters she has thrown shade on them in the most un-subtle way possible for a internationally renowned fashion designer.

She has named her latest menswear collection, Say It: Politicians are Criminals.

Yep, told you.

Sticking to her model of creating clothing to make a statement about world issues, Westwood has created suit blazers, shirts and pants that are thoroughly grunged up on the runway. It’s reflective of mildly post-apocalyptic attire and seems to be all ‘political message’ and none of ‘we want this collection to sell’.

This drop coincides with a video that outlines her reasoning for viewing the government as her enemy, which you can see here.



[Images via High Snobiety]

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