We asked Topman for the seven cardinal rules of buying jeans

Our denim overlords have spoken.

Buying a pair of jeans can be tricky at the best of times. 

There are different sizes, fits, colours and brands to take into account, and even when you know what you’re after, you very rarely find the perfect pair.

Find a good pair and you’ve basically hit the jackpot.

It takes weeks, months, even years and after you’ve found said pair, you’ll never want to let them go. All your friends will want them, like The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Except this isn’t Hollywood and one pair of jeans does not fit an entire friendship group. Get real.

We’re sick of trying (and failing) to buy jeans that suit us, so we decided to take it to the pros. 

Topman has just unveiled its AW17 campaign, All The Denim. As the name suggests, it features a whole range of new denim styles (eight, to be exact) so we think they know what they’re talking about.

You can check out the new range on Topman’s brand new Australian website, otherwise stick around to learn some important truths.

We went straight to the top and asked Topman’s Creative Director, Gordon Richardson, for hisr seven cardinal rules of buying jeans.

Rule 1: Know your fit

“Whether it’s spray-on skinny, carpenter, original or slim, there’s a fit for every man,” says Gordon. “Recently, different styles and fits have become a lot more accessible for all age groups so wear whatever you feel comfortable in.”

Rule 2: Don’t pay too much

“The age old myth is that you need to spend big to get a long-lasting pair of jeans – well that’s only half true,” explains Gordon. “A pair of jeans on the lower end of the spectrum can lack stitching and fabric quality but with an expensive pair, you run the risk of spending a lot for what could potentially be the same quality. Look for a mid-point and scrutinise the quality before buying.”

Rule 3: Watch how you wash

“Washing denim can sometimes make the dye run and make them look worn before their time,” Gordon advises. “Hand washing, air drying, leaving in salt water, or even putting them in the freezer are ways you can keep your denim looking fresher for longer. So, don’t be put off by over-dyed or bright colours.”

Rule 4: Keep an eye on quality

“A key sign of a good pair of jeans is the detailing in the stitching, it’s what keeps them durable and stops them falling apart after constant wear,” Gordon explains. “A lot of guys wear their jeans on a daily basis, so longevity is essential. This season we’ve used contrasting stitching to make the finer details a focus.”

Rule 5: Have the seasons in mind

“Weather obviously has a big impact on the layers we wear,” says Gordon. “Wearing thicker materials or weaves will help keep you warmer in the colder months, while ripped and lighter washes will keep you cooler in the summer.”

Rule 6: Be Brave

“While it’s all well and good to find your fit and work with a pair that you’re comfortable in, push yourself to try another style that you may not think would work for you,” Gordon suggests. “We’re always coming up with new fits at Topman and think it’s great when guys explore different styles.”

Rule 7: Look For Versatile Denim

“If you’re a one-pair-of-jeans kind of guy, look for a pair that will suit most occasions,” says Gordon. “This season we’ve dropped a few solid colourways with no rips or bright washes, these are perfect for a casual or smart-casual look.”


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