Why keeping clothes in case they come cool again is so completely wrong

So wrong.

I’m not sharing groundbreaking info when I tell you that 80% of people are part human, part hoarder, and the other 20% are lying. 

I’ll raise my hand and admit that I have had an emotional connection to everything I have ever been given. Yes, that does mean I once kept every Christmas and birthday card for more years than I’ll care to admit. 

This also meant that a few years ago, my once-humble wardrobe began to overflow into the spare room, followed by my desk situation, followed by more clothes. It wasn’t until I moved out of home (and had to edit my life down to what would fit into my car) that I began to let go. 

Over the years since, I’ve had a lot of practice emptying my entire wardrobe onto the floor with a forced realism about what I *actually* need. All that practice has meant that selling/donating/throwing away clothes actually releases so many endorphins into my body, I feel a little insane talking about it. 

There’s one big life lesson that has come from my many years of moving from small wardrobe to smaller wardrobe. Contrary to the wise words my grandmother once imparted, don’t keep something just because you think it will come back in fashion.

Because really, when you embrace a comeback trend, you won’t be wearing 10-year-old clothes that need mending and a trip to the dry cleaners. No, you’ll go out and buy the trend piece from the new designer or cult classic label that’s revived an old favourite. It’s futile for you to have taken up valuable space in your wardrobe for all those years. That space-filler could’ve been sold on eBay. You could have had money in its place.

Keeping treasured clothes also means it’s way too easy to fall back into old patterns. The last thing you want to do is get stuck wearing the exact same outfit you wore that one time in high school. Just because your fave old jeans are back on trend and you kept those matching boots, doesn’t make it a good outfit. 

And while it’s nice to still like that little silver dress you wore for your 18th, it’s even better to let it go in favour of something you’ll wear again. 

To really develop a sense of personal style it’s important to remain creative, inspired and fresh with your outfit choices. Let your styling reflect who you are today, not who you thought you were in high school.

In other words, just ditch the clothes.

With staple, basic pieces the universe’s hottest trend right now, it’s the perfect time to start scrutinising what’s worth keeping and what’s worth letting go. Hold on to the classics until the trend rolls back around and you can indulge in something fresh. I promise the heartache of tearing apart your wardrobe and donating those rhinestone jeans is worth it.

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