You can buy period undies with Donald Trump’s face on them

Bleed all over him.

We think the idea of period undies is pretty cool. But it just got even better.

American label, Cute Fruit Undies, has just made Aunt Flow’s monthly visit a little more entertaining. Introducing Bloody Marys.

As the website tells us, the crotch areas of these period undies feature faces of politicians who have “tried in the past, or who [are] currently trying, to pass legislation that hinders women’s reproductive rights.”

Cute Fruit Undies call these politicians “blood dumpsters,” and they are ready for you to “bleed all over them.”

The Bloody Marys also come with two attachable heat packs which sit inside the front and back of the undies. You can even purchase a matching tee to wear with your undies.

Each pair retails for around $40 AUD and $3 from every purchase goes to Planned Parenthood.

Our favourite pairs include Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. And if your least fave American politician isn’t there? Don’t worry, more blood dumpsters are being added soon.


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