You can now buy Dolce & Gabbana pasta


Dolce & Lasagne.

If you’ve already dominated one industry, why not delve into the next?

Dolce & Gabbana is branching out from fashion and moving into the world of pasta, announcing a collaboration with Italian pasta makers Pastificio di Martino.

The collaboration will see 5,000 specially-designed pasta tins distributed worldwide, containing three different types of pastas. Inside your tin you’ll find spaghetti, tubular paccheri and penne rigate, while you’ll also have the opportunity to buy a D&G apron to match.

But before you start planning your Dolce & Gabbana bolognese, note that it won’t come cheap. Each tin retails for the slightly unaffordable price of $144AUD each.

It’s a pretty natural move for the designers who just released a $45,000 fridge, but we’re more shocked they didn’t use this opportunity to rebrand into Dolce & Lasagne.

The tins will be available in Pasta Di Martino stores in Naples and Bologna, and at Harrods in London. While there’s talk of an expansion to the US, unfortunately, the tins won’t be making their way to Australia any time soon.


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