You can now own Cinderella’s glass slippers in real life


Our dreams of becoming a Disney Princess are swiftly becoming a reality. In among all the recent Disney collabs this year, there was also the news that you can own Disney themed engagement rings.

And now the next best thing: Disney Princess shoes.

Cinderella’s shoes to be exact. Melissa Shoes have taken on the role of Fairy Godmother, collaborating with Disney to bring the Princess’ coveted glass slippers to life.

The range, aptly named I Live Happily Ever After, incorporates a pair of soft rose flats for those modern-day princesses who have a chore list longer than Cinderella herself. And if it couldn’t get any better, all Melissa shoes are bubble-gum scented. Yum.

Now, it wouldn’t be a modern version unless your slippers were sustainable, so you can have piece of mind as well as Princess status. All shoes are made out of a comfy non-toxic PVC that won’t have you heading home with heels in hand and blisters when the clock strikes midnight.

Glass is overrated anyway.


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