What Australian fashion people are doing for their dads this Father’s Day


Some inspiration from those across the industry.

Dads are the hardest to buy for, right? Unless they love Bunnings enough to enthusiastically welcome a gift card each year, Father’s Day can pose a real challenge for many gift-givers. I would know, because my dad is objectively and without doubt the hardest man to buy presents for.

One year, my siblings and I noticed with horror that he was still wearing an old uniform polo from a role he’d held two jobs ago. We gifted him a new polo, and it was never seen again. Similarly, we once devised the brilliant plan of gifting him a new fragrance, one slightly nicer than the $20 pine-scented cologne he’s worn since our births (the Italians will know). Still, he reaches for the pinecone-shaped bottle every morning.

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Each year he requests a CD from JB Hi-Fi, which, given the existence of Spotify, is a truly painful gift to give. He doesn’t care at all for fashion, isn’t into cooking, and is not particularly handy. Experiences are off the cards for the foreseeable future, as is a simple family dinner. He’s also an accountant, so hates unnecessary spending, particularly when it’s money spent on him.

In sore need of inspiration, I asked a few friends within the industry how they’ll be celebrating a father figure in their life come Sunday September 5. You’ll be please to know there’s still enough time to avoid the last-minute scramble, and arrange delivery in time for Sunday morning.

Read on for their suggestions below, or explore a great range of gifting options from Myer here (I promise I even found something for my own dad). There’s still enough time to order delivery direct to your father figure ahead of September 5, provided you add to cart by Friday.

Chloe Naughton, Fashion Programmer at Melbourne Fashion Festival

My dad passed away five years ago this year, so I will definitely be celebrating him in my heart and in my thoughts this coming Father’s Day, as I always do. However, I am very fortunate to have had a stepdad since I was very young and I definitely look up to him as a father figure. His name is Sam. One of Sam’s favourite places that he chooses to go for special occasions like birthdays or Father’s Day is the Fairfield Boat House in Melbourne. And even though he only lives about 45 minutes away from me, alas, it’s too far for me to travel to see him with the five km travel restrictions.

So Fairfield Boat House will have to wait for now. I will most likely give him a call in the morning and see how he and the rest of my family are going. They are lucky enough to live out in the countryside with lots of space and they just got a new puppy Winnie, a sausage dog who I am sure will be giving them lots of Father’s Day entertainment.

For Father’s Day this year, I’m keeping spirits and hopes high that we will one day be able to travel again. Whether it be international, interstate, or even a trip away outside of the five km radius. I will be getting him this Samsonite 72-hour travel case to inspire him and the family to book their next trip away together. I have already ordered it to their house, which is so rare for me – I’m usually such a last-minute person. So I’m feeling good this time around that all things on the Father’s Day front have been sorted.

Stephanie Lou, photographer and founder of Peachy Keen

This Father’s Day will be extra special, as I am currently in the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility and my dad doesn’t know. It has been a mission, but our secret relocation from Paris to Melbourne is underway and we will be out in time for a special Father’s Day surprise. My dad is cheeky, loving and my partner in crime. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for an ice cream and “a quiet life”! I would send Dad a Garmin Instinct GPS Smart Watch, perfect for his ocean swim training and walks. If restrictions allow, hopefully, we’ll be able to surprise Dad in person! Otherwise, like so many families, we will FaceTime and hope that we can all be together soon.

Izzy Wight, Fashion Journal’s Editorial Assistant

My parents live interstate, which means I sadly don’t get to spend Father’s Day with the old man IRL. I’ve given Mum some money to take him out for breakfast (they’re not in lockdown) and have instructed them to FaceTime me when there, so I can join them – a cup of coffee in hand – virtually. As for gifting, my dad is a salt-of-the-earth bloke’s bloke – a very kind, honest man who enjoys the simple things in life. This makes him notoriously hard to shop for (when I say simple, I mean exclusively socks, underwear and motorbike gear). Since he loves his motorbike, I’m buying him a pair of high-performance wireless headphones that will fit sleekly under his helmet and keep him occupied on long rides. This year, I’m coming in prepared and ordering before Friday to ensure it reaches him on time.

Orla Kelly, jeweller at Millie Savage

My dad is a funny Irish man who is full of cringe-worthy dad jokes. His backyard is his pride and joy – you will find him sitting out there for hours, listening to music, sitting in the bar he built himself, enjoying the sunshine. My dad is hard to shop for but you can never go wrong with getting him something to add to his bar. Since he loves it so much, I’ll be buying him this whiskey barrel that will sit on his bar shelf, ready for service. This year I’m on time and will make sure he receives his gift on Father’s Day. My parents live interstate so unfortunately, I won’t be able to join them in person this year. Luckily, we’ve discovered Zoom and will chat through that. We’ll have a nice breakfast together and enjoy each other’s company the best way we can.

Ruby Staley, freelance fashion writer

Separated by the Victorian lockdown with my folks in regional Victoria, I sadly won’t physically be there to celebrate my dad this Father’s Day. In lieu of my usual handmade card and pancake breakfast, I’ll have to think a little outside of the box this year to show him just how much I love and admire him. In addition to a lengthy FaceTime from my siblings and me, I think Dad would love Alldock’s nifty LuxeTech Wireless Pad. Being an electric engineer by trade, my dad is hugely into tech and gets most excited about innovative product design (second to his kids of course!) It’s ideal to pop bedside or on top of his desk to charge all his gadgets, plus it doubles as a sleek tabletop addition. Now I think of it, I might have to purchase one for me too!

Rong Jake Chen, fashion lecturer and designer

My dad’s the traditional stoic type – a classic rendition of the Chinese immigrant father. Growing up, he’d never use anything we gave him, or he’d use it as an opportunity to regift. Clothing was frivolous and technology was just cumbersome. As I get older, he’s come to appreciate gifts a bit more. Or maybe we’ve just become more conscious of the kind of no-frills approach he has with products – he wants items that can enhance his health and that can be shared with the family.

After much thought, I’m going with the Hypervolt GO Percussion Massage Device. Mum is notorious for having consistent back knots, so he’d appreciate the multi-use around the house, and research has shown that massage can also help relieve some tension with Parkinson’s (which he’s been diagnosed with in the last few years). I would love to give this to him in person so I’m able to give it a short pitch (one thing we’ve also learnt over the years is that he needs to be convinced or else he won’t use it), but I’ll be sure to order early and give him a FaceTime call to make sure he knows which buttons to push. I’ll also get some nice food delivered because they deserve it (and he’s also refused to learn how to use any food delivery service).

Jasmine Wallis, freelance fashion writer

My parents live in Queensland so I sadly can’t be with my dad this Father’s Day. Usually, my sister and I would cook him breakfast, and make sure he has a steady supply of tea and his favourite biscuits on hand. Because I’m interstate and can’t spend time with him, I’m planning on getting a few presents delivered. Dad’s a pretty low-key guy, so his new clothes usually come from birthdays and Father’s Day. I plan on buying him a fresh Ben Sherman button-up shirt and I’ll get my sister to shout him a few beers at the pub (not jealous at all).

Explore Myer’s Father’s Day gifting range here and make sure to order by Friday to ensure his gifts arrive on time.

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