FJ contributors share the outfits they’ve been waiting to wear to post-lockdown drinks


Put on your post-lockdown best.

It’s happening. Melbourne is finally coming out of lockdown for what seems like the last time. Our NSW and ACT friends have already had their first sweet taste of post-lockdown life. Drinking establishments across the east coast of Australia won’t know what hit them.

The promise of outings that don’t involve a supermarket or a chemist is almost too juicy to bear. Most importantly, our outfits are no longer confined to being viewed by the deli guy at Woolies or the postie who has, to quote verbatim, “been to this house a lot”.

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Instead, it’s time to don those purchases we made during lockdown that just had to be reserved for the many shenanigans that will be had in the coming months. Below, nine FJ contributors share the outfits that they’ve been saving up for their release into the wild. 

Sabina McKenna, writer, curator and model

I was very lucky to get my hands on a Telfar bag during lockdown! It was so fun sitting there with three to four browser windows open across devices trying to get one – but now it has been a couple of months and I haven’t had a chance to wear it out.

It’s way too special for a walk to the supermarket so I’m very much looking forward to wearing it out for drinks or dinner. I’ve styled it here with a simple top and jeans. I think no matter what I wear it’s going to be all about the bag!


Izzy Wight, Fashion Journal’s Editorial Assistant

I never thought I’d be this excited to go to a pub (it was the only place available for a last-min booking and we’re disorganised)! Because I’ve spent almost a year feeling like an unwashed heathen, I’m dusting off my pre-lockdown purchases and hitting the pool table in style.

Karla Laidlaw is one of my favourite local designers and while this skirt would give my mother a conniption (it’s very short), I thought it was the perfect hot girl summer commencement piece. This scrunchy top is an op shop find from eons ago and it’s one of the only ‘colourful’ garments I own. I might wear the sunglasses inside because the social anxiety is rife. Can’t wait!


Jess Brohier, photographer

I cannot wait to have some drinks and dinner in the sun with friends, either at our studio in Fitzroy or perhaps at the front of Bar Idda or Old Palm Liquor, two of my favourite spots in my neighbourhood of Brunswick East. I have this beautiful two-toned top that my friend Holly of Perple Woman made in her home studio! It was a gift from our last campaign and I never got the chance to show it off.

I’ll be wearing that with some cute hemp pants that I found in Keoma the last time we were able to shop in real life, and probably some Nelson Made Raul Sandals, that my friend Jamie made. We just shot the campaign for this last week, and I cannot wait to get my hands on them!

I was also lucky enough to visit the studio of the lovely Cathy, who does Newend, a few months ago and picked up some super cute pieces for myself and my partner, and I’ll pair these with a handmade signet ring from my friend Alice’s label, The Line of Sun, from another beautiful campaign I was lucky to photograph in the last month! Shooting with local and slow fashion labels is one of my favourite things to work on, and I often like to take contra as part of our arrangement, to support them but also to proudly show off the incredible special handmade pieces my clients make.


Cait Emma Burke, Fashion Journal’s Digital Editor

I’m heading out tonight for cocktails and pizza and I can barely contain my excitement. I’m going to wear this green knit dress from Australian label Arthur Apparel. It was an impulse lockdown purchase – I find dresses really difficult and often feel self-conscious in them (I’m a pants and shirt girl at heart) but I wanted something bright and figure-hugging. Like many of us, my body has changed over lockdown and I’ve put on weight that won’t seem to budge.

My usual tactic would be to disguise it, burying it under ‘flattering’ clothing. But I’ve decided life’s too bloody short, so I’m gonna wear the dress. I’m pairing it with these amazing sunglasses from Australian label Raie, which were kindly gifted to me (a perk of editorial). It’s giving bored ’70s mum about to cheat on her estranged husband at the neighbourhood barbeque, and that’s a look I can always get behind.


Ruby Staley, freelance writer

Rivalling my excitement to resume bar hopping around the city is my excitement to wear my new Karla Laidlaw mini skirt! I’m thinking of wearing it EVERYWHERE, but in this instance, I think it looks pretty snazzy with a pair of white cowgirl boots and a mesh long sleeve for versatility.

A cute mini bag and funky sunnies top off the outfit for that grungy Y2K vibe I’m trying to nail this summer. Now I’ve got my outfit sorted, here I come rooftop margs!


Giulia Brugliera, Fashion Journal’s Managing Editor

I cannot wait to step out of my at-home uniform of activewear and into my ‘going out’ uniform. It’s all too familiar to my friends, consisting of my tailored E Nolan pants, an oversized shirt worn untucked and cuffed (I have a few on rotation), my trusty Converse, and layered jewellery.

This Jake Cheeseman smiley pendant hasn’t left my neck all lockdown, and we have no plans of separating. I also finally bought a Bichon bag earlier this year, and it’s itching for its debut. Sunglasses, of course, will finish the look. I was recently gifted two pairs that will be on high rotation – these from Raie’s new Lucky Charm collection or these from the new Local Supply x Aje collab.


Kurtis Hughes, freelance writer

A return to the outside world definitely calls for a bit of romanticism. Channelling Marlon Brando in the Italian countryside, my resort-coloured, sage shirt by Wai the Label styled with a tight, white singlet underneath both embodies my longing for the warmer months, whilst being the perfect accessory for alfresco drinks.

Styled with tailored dress pants, copious amounts of silver jewellery and Converse hi-tops, refined and classic styles seem to be the flavour of the season for me. After all, the party season is just beginning, so it’s essential my wardrobe can last the distance. 


Ella Taverner, Fashion Journal’s Account Manager

Much like the rest of the population, I am absolutely itching to have an iced cold vino served to me somewhere other than my couch, and by someone other than my housemates (sorry guys). So it only feels natural that my first escapade back to the local watering hole is accompanied by a jazzy outfit.

I have been patiently waiting to flounce around town in this coral silk midi skirt I bought from Goodbyes pre-pandemic and plan on pairing it with this mint green gingham shirt I recently picked up from Incu. Throw in my trusty Wales Bonner x Adidas Nizza sneakers and I’m serving you watermelon-splice chic.


Eliza Sholly, writer and editor

About one week before Sydney plunged head-first into the Panny D, I ordered this shirt from Arthur Apparel and had been waiting to wear it ever since. Being from Naarm myself, I do everything I can to bring the local avant basic aesthetic to Sydney, and this has paid for itself in compliments alone. On the bottom, I am sporting some Kmart pants. Not sure if I am allowed to plug fast fashion but IMHO, there is more than one way for a brand to be ethical and size/economic inclusivity counts.

I am also one of those pick-me girls with a small waist and a big bum so finding everyday bottoms is a dilemma – I either end up looking like a Christmas ham or Billie Eilish. I found these $5 yoga pants and bought 3 pairs. My feet are wearing a pair of lime green Batu boots. I wore this fit on the opening night of hospitality with some mates. First was some jazz, then French food at Bistrot 916. Pretentious? Yes. It’s good to be back.


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