Gucci pulls that blackface sweater following controversy

When will these brands learn?

Gucci has come under fire this week for a polo neck sweater which kind of makes the wearer look like they’re in blackface. Yes, we are also wondering how this continues to happen in 2019.

The garment in question features a turtle-neck style, designed to pull up over your nose and mouth like a balaclava. Clearly, its problematic black colour and red lip outline should have raised a few eyebrows internally, because it obviously seems like a terrible idea. Hindsight, hey.

Unsurprisingly, the jumper’s release has been heavily criticised on Twitter, with users labelling it as a “racist ornament”.

Strangely though, it turns out the piece has been available for over a year, debuting in February 2018 at the brand’s Fall/Winter show. As Diet Prada put it: “Based on vintage DIY knit ski masks, no one clocked them at the time for having any racist connotations…or maybe they went unnoticed among the layers and layers of styling.”

Following the storm, Gucci quickly pulled the jumper from sale, and issued an apology via Twitter which you can read below.

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