How to nail the ‘Uncut Gems’ hot dad vibe

Words by Ruby Staley

Because more is more.

Adam Sandler’s role as Howard Ratner in the anxiety-inducing film Uncut Gems excited not just movie buffs, but also the fashion-inclined. Sandler plays an unconventional hero; a diamond dealing shmuck that you hate to love, who dons a style that is as confusing in its appeal as his personality. Howard’s wardrobe is flashy and gaudy, while somehow managing to be undeniably endearing.

Although openly admitting my appreciation for Howard’s style may call my taste into question, I’m willing to throw caution to the wind. Achieving the perfect amalgamation of dad vibe and logo hoarder, it excited me in a way that’s rarely accomplished by on-screen characters – usually due to their styling being either too plain or too bizarre.

Howard’s eccentric approach to dressing is tasteless to a degree, but also incredibly approachable in its genuineness. It’s not about trying to keep up with trends but summons a sense of respect that is associated with donning luxury brands.

The brainchild of costume designer and stylist Miyako Bellizzi, along with consultant and fashion mensch Mordechai Rubinstein, the nostalgic, brand-heavy look taps into something incredibly poignant.

Working largely with low-tier luxury brands like Hugo Boss and Salvatore Ferragamo, Howard uses his fashion choices to present as successful in a way that’s old-school and oddly likeable.

In the current fashion age of minimalism and a ‘less is more’ attitude, Sandler’s character is a soft reminder that dressing up can signify your attention to detail and willingness to succeed in a very honest (however flashy) way. Because taking yourself seriously can be cool too.

The leather jacket

The true core of Howard’s style is his leather blazer – a piece that’s worn from start to finish. The costumers ended up finding Howard’s iconic sport coat on eBay, oversized and perfectly pre-loved to resemble a piece of clothing that had grown with the wearer. Nail that perfectly worn-in leather jacket look with a vintage score from a thrift store, or find one with the same boxy, loose style as Howard’s, like this.

Dazie You Don’t Know Me Trucker Jacket
Price: $139.99
From: theiconic.com.au

The pleated slacks

Donning pleats from the ground to the waist is a must for Howard’s signature look. For a budget option, borrow your dad’s best slacks. Otherwise, this Max Mara pair hits the mark while still being super versatile.

Max Mara Lucas Cropped Pleated Pants
Price: $825
From: net-a-porter.com

The loud polo

Directly inspired by photos that surfaced on social media featuring Sandler in a bright yellow polo (pictured above for your enjoyment), which sent the world into a frenzy of confused infatuation. This Lardini top is just as loud as Howard’s and I can easily imagine it tucked into a great pair of slacks.

Lardini Ribbed Knit Cotton Polo
Price: €245
From: mytheresa.com

The loafer

Preferring his worn-in Salvatore Ferragamo loafers (matched back to his logo belt, of course), Sandler’s character wouldn’t be caught dead in these pumps. But they have the same gaudy, in-your-face branded feel as much of his style, so decidedly still fit the bill.

Fendi Logo Print Slingback Pumps
Price: $1,390
From: net-a-porter.com

The gold chain (or two)

For a look centred around all things flashy, gold – almost tacky – jewellery and accessories are essential. Real or fake, nothing says, “look at me!”, more than a bunch of layered gold chains.

Sarah & Sebastian Chain No. 3
Price: $220
From: davidjones.com

The iconic belt

This belt, a staple for this particular style, comes with a cheeky half-a-grand price tag. But, if worn time and time again as Sandler’s character does, it’s well worth the cash. Best worn around a loose pair of slacks with an intensely coloured button-down tucked into the waistband – dad bod optional.

Salvatore Ferragamo Logo Plaque Belt
Price: $507
From: farfetch.com

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