InStitchu is now offering affordable custom suits for women



Made just for you.

Been looking for that perfect, first-day-back outfit? Well, Australian tailored-menswear brand InStitchu is launching custom-tailored suits for women, starting at $599.

Robin McGowan and James Wakefield founded InStitchu in 2012. Their goal? To bridge the gap between old-world tailoring and the digital retail landscape.

Over the past eight years, InStitchu has been offering men across the globe access to custom and made-to-measure suits, and in that time it’s been perfecting the womenswear pattern.

The new womenswear service will offer corporate tailoring, tuxedos and suiting separates like casual tailored blazers, pants and skirts for all occasions.

Of course, we’ve been able to order tailored suits from brands such as E Nolan and P Johnson for a while now, but where those brands offer a more premium experience and price point, InStitchu is offering its made-to-measure garments at a fraction of the cost.

And it’s not skimping on quality. InStitchu uses world-leading technology and premium fabrics – we’re talking 100 per cent Australian Merino wool, high-quality cotton, linen and silk.

On the Institchu website, you can create your design, enter your measurements and process your order all online. And, to make it even easier, creating an InStitchu profile allows you to store your measurements for next time.

As an extension of the website, InSitchu has several showrooms across Australia, and it’s just opened a fifth Sydney location, in the city’s inner-east, at 111 Queen Street.

InSitchu’s vintage tailoring vision comes alive in its showrooms, with emerald velvet lounges and marble benchtops. As part of the experience, you can design your own garment using digital technology, be measured by a dedicated stylist and even enjoy a whisky – very Mad Men.

Many of us are heading back to work soon and must now farewell the Zoom-meeting days of business-on-the-top, lazy-on-the-bottom. Perhaps, InStitchu’s new womenswear service might help get you fitted out for your return to the office.


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