Why Jeff Goldblum is my summer style icon

Image via @jeffgoldblum
Words by Hannah Cole

I’m finding inspiration in unrealised places.

2018’s breakthrough fashion icon may not be who you expected. It’s not Meghan Markle in her demure and appropriately lady-like dresses and coats. Or Blake Lively in her string of suits, serving some real power-lady inspiration. Or even Hailey Bieber et al. culminating sporty and chic with oversized sweaters and undersized crops.

These looks are not insignificant – they encapsulate the year that was and a predict what is to come. But, let’s be honest, they’re not easily adaptable. I’d feel too constrained, too “girl-power” (ugh), or too close to bogan if these were my daily go-to’s. Hailey is just a pair of Ugg boots away from a very dangerous sartorial ledge.

I’d argue that the icon of the year is not even female. In the age of genderless fashion, the barrier has been broken, and I’m finding inspiration in unrealised places.

My summer fashion idol is Jeff Goldblum. Specifically, Jeff Goldblum while seamlessly pulling off Prada’s divisive flame shirt. (Which I have been endlessly seeking on TheRealReal ever since (DM me for a quick sale $$).

Ever since the much-loved slashie – actor, Internet sensation, jazz musician, semi-nude statue – rocked this oversized shirt look, my wardrobe has undergone a makeover. Hawaiian shirts were once relegated to holidays (specifically in Hawaii) and inappropriate at all other times. But now? My eyes are starry, and I can’t stop traipsing Etsy/every vintage store I can find for the perfect button-up. The louder and beachier the print, the better.

In that one image, Jeff awakened my soul and spoke to my inner desires. How do I want to *feel* in any given outfit? I want to be comfortable, relaxed and give off an aura of general good vibes (but please, hold the patchouli).

How does one achieve such feels through fashion? Through donning a non-clingy, floaty, oh-so-easy item such as the Hawaiian button-up. There is no such thing as too much cheese or cake or wine when the breeze can always make waves in the fabric.

Trust me, your life will be changed. Forever.

Still not convinced that the Goldblum way is THE way for summer? Consider this: Steve Jobs adopted a uniform approach to save brain-power for more significant decisions. In the same respect, I have created a specific summer *lewk* so I can spend longer at the beach. I can be outside for more hours and getting ready for less. The logic is flawless.

Pull on a bottom-half (preferably denim), slip on some beachy slides, and top it off with a boxy shirt. Mine might not be Prada (yet), but it did only cost me $15 and has an impressive palm-frond-meets-tiger print. I know that even with all the money in the world, Jeff would weep in jealousy.

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