Kim Kardashian files a $10 million lawsuit against Missguided for knocking off her dresses

Image via Kim Kardashian West/Facebook
Words by Tara Smith

The plot thickens.

While the Internet is collectively losing its mind over the current Khloe/Jordyn/Tristan scandal, Kim K is navigating some drama of her own.

After denying claims that she was helping fast fashion retailers rip off her own dresses, Kim is setting the record straight with a lawsuit. According to TMZ, the entrepreneur is suing Missguided USA for using her name and image to advertise its own designs.

Documents obtained by TMZ claim that Missguided often tags Kim in social media posts, giving consumers the idea that they are working together. The lawsuit also allegedly shows multiple instances where Missguided has used Kim’s images without consent.

Kim has requested an injunction to stop Missguided from using her image, and is seeking $10 million in damages.

In a statement to E! News, Missguided claimed:

“We haven’t received any notification of legal action, but in any event any action based on online banter would be meritless,” the statement read. “Missguided shoppers know the score —We’re about the celeb look, for people without their bucks. For the record, as much as we love her style, we’re not working with Kim on anything.”

Interestingly, Kim has not filed a lawsuit against Fashion Nova for doing the same thing (the very brand she has been accused of working with). However, it’s important to note that unlike Missguided, Fashion Nova uses its own images to promote knock-off designs.

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