Our edit of ‘Little Women’-inspired outfits so you can be pioneer chic in 2020

Words by Sasha Gattermayr

Hardcore prairiecore.

The Internet went wild overnight for the glory that is Timothee Chalamet’s hair in the forthcoming Greta Gerwig adaptation of Little Women.

Channelling equal parts Aaron Tveit in Les Mis and 2019 Met Gala Harry Styles in apparel, Timmy’s locks are distinctly 1995 Sense and Sensibility Hugh Grant. It’s the hair and cheesecloth sleeves of a heartbreaker, and I’m okay with that.

But, dear God, look at the women! Meryl Streep dons a black beaded veil that seems the only sartorial choice dramatic enough for spitting vintage Gerwig one-liners, and Emma Watson actually made me want to wear something the colour of pistachio.

With peak nostalgia in the fashion world now inching towards the 2000s and baguette bags, the only logical direction to look for style inspiration is further back in time. And that means some 19th-century Victoriana.

Using a term recently coined by Man Repeller, our times dictate we have transitioned from the minimalist indifference of normcore to the flamboyance and necklines of #prairiecore. Gerwig has managed to capture Civil War-style in a way we actually want to recreate.

Women in bowler hats, men in pussy-neck bows, ankle-length hemlines, straw boater hats, marshmallow crinoline, neckerchiefs, androgynous waistcoats and pastel bustles now actually look good.

We’ve scavenged the corners of the fashion internet to find the best contemporary interpretations of their costumes.

Please enjoy.

1. Pastel Meg

Nothing says seduction like an elbow-length glove and a hoop skirt. The sexual tension is palpable.

FJ’s version: Molly Goddard Emerald Frilled Tulle Smock Dress

2. Laurie’s pirate shirt

The Internet self-combusted at Timothee Chalamet as the cream-cheese filling to this plaid sandwich. If the man can pull off red suspenders, jodhpurs, and multiple pieces of man-bling I ask you what can he not do? Someone bring the picnic, I’ve found dessert.

FJ’s version: Gucci Ruffled Cotton Poplin Shirt

3. Matching capes

Emma Watson probably thought she was done with capes when she finished Harry Potter. Clearly, she was wrong.

FJ’s version: Gucci Metallic Brocade Cape

4. His and hers waistcoats

Jo’s entire feminist agenda is summarised by this outfit. Standing on equal footing as Laurie, looking at each other in the eye, wearing the same garment and matching windswept manes, Jo’s waistcoat demands gender equality as much as Laurie’s green velvet vest demands me to have his babies.

FJ’s version: Chloé Checked Woven and Satin Jacquard Vest

5. Meg’s sheer-sleeved wedding dress

“Just because my dreams are different to yours, doesn’t mean they’re unimportant”. *weeping* as Emma Watson marries the priest from Grantchester in a flower crown we actually want to wear and an American accent that is actually good.

FJ’s version: Olivia floral-print silk-organza gown from Brock Collection

6. Jo’s neckerchief

A woman in a neckerchief is a woman who means business. I dare you to look this chic in a bowler hat.

FJ’s version: Country Road Plisse Scarf 

6. Coordinated boaters

Jo does a genuine ‘sup nod in this scene. And what says ‘sup nod more than a straw bonnet?

FJ’s version: Adriatic Cotton-Trimmed Straw Hat from Clyde

Saoirse Ronan was born to play Jo March. The rest of us mortals were just born to watch her.

Watch the full trailer below.

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