Live your ultimate bougie life with this $560 Dior AirPod case

Image via Dior

Words by Jasmine Wallis

When even your music is designer.

Apparently carrying your AirPods in their original white case is so 2019.

Luxury designers are now capitalising on the new Apple accessory and are creating branded AirPod cases. Gucci and Saint Laurent have already cashed in on the new earphone technology, but the latest to put its mark on your music listening experience is Dior

After the renaissance of its saddle bag over the last couple of years, the Dior oblique print has been popping up more frequently and now you can have the famous print with you every time you chuck on Spotify. 

Fancy carrying your precious earphone protector hands-free? The case comes with an attachable strap with gold hardware details so you can loop it around a bag or a belt for easy access. 

If you didn’t think your AirPods were expensive enough, then add some value with the Dior case which starts at a cool $563.42 AUD. 

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s already sold out according to Dior’s international website, so if you really fancy this case in particular, get ready to scour the internet for it. 


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