Louis Vuitton is selling a $3,300 volleyball for the bougie sports enthusiast

Images via Louis Vuitton
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Ball is life.

When it comes to treating yourself to a pricey designer item, we’re sure most people automatically think about treating themselves to new clothing.

But in case you’re looking to drop a cool $3,300 on something a little more unconventional, Louis Vuitton has released the world’s bougiest volleyball.

The ball is equally sporty and luxe, with pink, purple and orange panels and heavy LV branding. It also comes with a convenient purple and white string carry bag – also monogrammed, of course.

Chances are you won’t be brave enough to actually use (and potentially get dirt on) your new designer ball. But you could always just put it on display at home, letting all your guests know that you love sport and spending money.

If you are planning on hitting the beach when the weather’s right, however, the label is also offering a large cotton beach towel. Choose from either lilac and yellow or classic LV brown.

You can find both the volleyball and towel online now.


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