8 Australian creatives show us how they style a mini skirt



“As Paris Hilton once said, skirts should be the size of a belt.”

If you thought the mini skirt couldn’t get any hotter – think again. According to fashion history, mini skirts are ‘one of the most controversial and revolutionary pieces of clothing of the ’60s’.

That’s right – before Melbourne bared its legs for an influx of Karla Laidlaw ruched minis, daring pioneers like Twiggy, Mary Quant and André Courrèges fought to keep hemlines scandalous. And thank goodness for that!

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Without mini skirts, we wouldn’t have this Nicole Ritchie outfit, which would be devastating. Scroll on to see eight Australian creatives pay homage to the mini skirt saviours before us.

Isabella Campos, student and digital creator 

Mini is the only length my wardrobe knows; an absolute Isabella staple. My favourite is undoubtedly the iconic Karla Laildlaw ruched mini, she’s so chic and versatile. When this skirt says mini, she means mini – but a little cheek never hurt anyone! You’ll often see me pairing her with a bikini top on a summers day, or dressing her up a little with a sexy corset.

This skirt is also perfect for the ‘layered pants under a skirt’ moment. I personally love sporting some pinstripe suit pants underneath (which conveniently hides a hole I ripped in the crotch). The quintessential garment for every hot girl (or however else you identify).


Zali Ghelardini, model and content creator

I’ve always loved mini skirts! This one is actually a maxi… but I’m forever changing my clothing into something new. I’m in love with this skirt at the moment; it’s so versatile. Every time I put it on – long or short – I feel sexy and empowered. I matched it with a vintage Art Deco-style black corset, a simple suit jacket and brown heels to pair with the skirt.

You can never go wrong with a monochrome outfit that compliments your curves and skin tone. I have nothing but love for the ‘mini skirt era’… the early 2000s/late ’90s is my favourite fashion period.


Ruby Staley, writer and editor

I’m all about the micro and mini skirt trend but too often it doesn’t work for my hips and butt. This Karla Laidlaw ruched skirt is an absolute fave of mine – it gives me all the mini vibes without the usual rising up and flashing. It’s fab.

I love pairing it with some sneakers (Converse in this instance) and a cute long sleeve or singlet. Here I’m wearing a loose gingham Country Road blouse – styled as a halter neck – and I’ve topped the look off with my trusty fur bucket hat.


Sarah B, digital creator

I’m influenced by deconstructionism and Y2K fashion and obsessed with mini skirts. I purchased this black mini skirt from Xyotic, a niche Vietnamese brand. I’m in love with its denim fabric and cutouts. This skirt pairs well with a variety of tops, which is essential! It takes my outfits to the next level.


Ria China, content creator

I’ve been gravitating towards deconstructed/reworked fashion recently and with summer in full swing, low-rise mini skirts are calling my name. When I found this blazer reworked by @livia_harcan into a mini skirt set, I needed it in my wardrobe!

To add to the outfit, I decided to style this skirt with a white button-up cut in half. I wore the bottom half underneath the skirt; I paired the top half with a blazer and tie. It’s typical business attire, reworked into this modular outfit. And with the skirt being quite micro, it can be used as a belt layered over pants – mini skirt season doesn’t have to end in summer!


Ebony Mai, content creator

As Paris Hilton once said, skirts should be the size of a belt. I truly love mini skirts – for every occasion. Especially when they’re fun and colourful like the one I’m wearing in this outfit, which is from Motel Rocks. A few days after receiving this skirt in the post, I saw this stunning bustier… I just knew they would look absolutely perfect together!

The vibrant colours and funky patterns in this outfit were giving me big Austin Powers vibes, so I completed the look with white knee-high boots from Windsor Smith and ’70s-inspired hair flicks. Groovy baby!


Brooke Brandt, stylist

Feminine, sophisticated and leg-baring mini skirts are for all seasons. I’ve loved seeing the mini skirt dominate the S/S ’22 runways, with Prada, Miu Miu and Blumarine reinterpreting the garment.

I’ve styled this Tigermist skirt with my beloved Jaded Ldn x Matrix jacket, my mini black buckle bag, ripped tights and black vintage boots I scored from my mum. Mini skirts are a wardrobe must-have for everybody!


Izzy Wight, FJ’s Editorial Assistant

If I’m looking to show some skin, I’ll always choose to bare my legs. I prefer to be a little more covered on top (insecurities, sweetie!) and mini skirts make me feel like I’m in a Bring It On movie. The dream! This black one is from Melbourne designer Karla Laidlaw.

I love the added interest of the ruching and the very micro-mini length (bike shorts optional). To go with, I chose a baggy ripped tee from Lost and Found Market, a pair of scuffed mary janes and a faux-croc thrifted bag. I’ve accepted that I’ll never achieve the ‘clean‘ aesthetic; sometimes it’s better to embrace the grubby girl within.


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