Modibodi has introduced vegan periodwear

Words by Tara Smith

Time to make the switch.

If you’ve considered ditching tampons and pads in favour of a more eco-friendly option, now’s the perfect time to make the switch.

Modibodi has just unveiled a vegan range of sustainable period products, boasting underwear, swimwear and activewear to keep you comfortable all day long.

Unlike the traditional line, Modibodi’s vegan range is made without the use of merino wool, making it completely animal-friendly. Crafted from bamboo and cotton, it boasts all the same benefits of the original collection – including moisture-wicking technology, microbial properties and high absorbency levels.

And if that hasn’t convinced you, Modibodi is now more affordable than ever thanks to the lifting of the tampon tax.

Head here to get yours.


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