More stupid denim: half-jean, half-shorts are here to assault your eyes

Image via Pushbutton
Words by Tara Smith

Business on the right, party on the left.

It seems as long as the sun continues to rise and set each day, the fashion industry will continue to spit out stupid denim trends. So much so, we may have to start a column devoted entirely to stupid denim soon.

Today’s edition comes courtesy of Seoul label Pushbutton, and features the amalgamation of a pair of jeans and denim shorts. Yep, someone has literally taken a pair of jeans and hacked off one leg.

The style isn’t just limited to denim, either. There are also trackies, suit pants and flares that also sport the half-half look.


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Call me a cynic, but it begs the question: Are labels coming up with stupid denim designs as a simple way to drum up media coverage? Maybe. Will we continue to cover it? Absolutely.

Take a closer look at Pushbutton’s one-legged jeans here.


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